Our Service

Range of Services

  • Pipe Spool Fabrication
  • Structural Fabrication
  • Alloy & Speciality Fabrication
  • Engineering Services
  • Logistics & Storage
  • Modularization
  • Pipeline Fabrication


We manufacture and build piping from basic spools to complex projects. Our capabilities for fabricating piping encompass several metallurgy and welding processes. We complement this with more knowledgeable fabricators, welders, pipemakers and inspectors while maintaining a continual improvement in our techniques for producing piping.

All our welders are ASEM Section IX certified, the most stringent requirements in the business, and are licensed by the Alberta Boiler Safety Association. We bring deadlines forward, through precise planning, effective engineering, progressive technology, certified experts and a transcendent focus on quality.

Rozen Steelworks is capable of supplying
and fabricating all types of piping:

  • Carbon steel

  • Stainless steel

  • Chrome alloys

  • Internally and externally coated

  • Metallic overlaid

  • High Manganese


Rozen Steelworks's Structural Fabrication compliments our piping services, making us your first and last call for high quality products delivered on time. We bring deadlines forward, through careful planning, innovative engineering, next-technology innovation, certified professionals, and a laser focus on quality.

Rozen Steelworks provides design-build services for the construction of complex structures and has the capacity to produce more than 10,000 tons of product per year. Innovative engineering, careful planning, next-generation technology, and CWB certified specialists, who oversee fabrication with only attention to end use, comprise Rozen Steelworks.

Our Fabrication Services Offerings Include:

  • Structural Steel Fabrication

  • Heavy Plate Work 

  • Material Handling Equipment

  • Material Processing | Shop Detailing | Tanks | Hoppers | Conveyors | Barges 

  • Module Components | Frames

  • Platforms | Stairs | Handrails | Signs | Bollards | Enclosures 

  • Lifting Accessories Including Bars | Beams| Buckets |forks|baskets

  • Spec Blinds | Bleed Blinds | Bleed Blind/rings | Vented Blinds | Spacers | Safety Blinds

  • Pile Caps 

  • Pipe Supports | Pipe Beams | Pipe Hangers | Engineered Supports | Pipe Shoes |pipe Clamps 

  • Transportation Infrastructure

  • Industrial Infrastructure

  • Building Infrastructure

  • Custom | Specialty | Machined Parts


Rozen Steelworks is an industry leader in alloy and specialty fabrication.  We commit to deadlines, through careful planning, innovative engineering, next-generation technology, certified professionals and a focus on quality.  Whatever your project needs, Rozen Steelworks will deliver.  We serve as industry leaders in alloy and specialty fabrication.

We custom fabricate special items from an array of Alloy resources including:

  • High Maganese

  • Boiler Plate 

  • Nickel Alloys 

  • Chromemoly Alloys 

  • Duplex

  • All Stainless Alloys 

  • Other exotic metals can also be supplied.


Young engineer working in the factory


Rozen Steelworks offers a broad range of professional support, consulting, and analytical services to help aid, support, solve, and reach goals.

Our services are developed by an experienced team of engineers, designers and quality assurance professionals.

Licensed to practice in Alberta, we will deliver the combination of consulting and detailing services you need from predesign to project completion.

  • Conceptual

  • Front End

  • Detailed Design

  • Design Review and Optimization

  • Fabrication / Construction Monitoring

  • Reliability Assessment and Improvement

  • Failure Analysis

  • Standard and Specification Development

  • Hazard and Operability Analysis (HAZOP) and Risk Assessments





Our service experts are able to coordinate the storage and shipping of goods no matter the product and delivery location. We can also handle customs paperwork and transportation to ensure that your materials get picked up from the manufacturer and shipped to us for refurbishment as needed.

We have our own fleet of trucks and trailers for transporting various kinds of loads, including full truck load (FTL) loads and small loads (LTL). We also maintain a large array of material handling equipment, including compact loaders, excavators, telehandlers, and overhead cranes.  We have 3 storage facilities over 30 acres between them.

Whatever your situation, the Rozen team has a shipping solution within Canadato suit your business needs.

  • Materials sourcing

  • Bidding and evaluation

  • Material Procurement & Tracking

  • Material Management

  • Yard Logistics

  • Materials handling 

  • Storage and laydown Facilities 

  • Loading and Transportation Equipment


At our Rozen Steelworks facility, we provide the first-rate assembly of all sized modules while maintaining a strict finger on safety, quality, cost control, and scheduling in order to surpass clients' needs.

Our module assembly yard incorporates up to date equipment and procedures to achieve the highest level of quality the industry demands:

  • Three fabrication shops totaling, 201,000 sq./ft. 

  • Large 30 plus acres between locations.

  • Specializing in the assembly of well pad, pipe rack, marine and equipment modules.


Rozen Steelworks is the partner-of-choicein the pipeline fabrication industry based on our experience in this field.

  • In-house fabrication delivers significant scheduling and cost advantages for integrated projects coupled with single-point responsibility.

  • State-of-the-art pipe cutting and welding equipment, highly skilled tradespeople, and an experienced, professional customer-focused management team ensure customer requirements for the most demanding projects are satisfied.

  • We have an extensive inventory of hydro caps, blinds, and plugs for all sizes and schedules of pipes.

  • Complete with 100% traceability and procedures. 

  • Industry-first and last call for pipeline hydro-testing.

  • We bring deadlines forward, through careful planning, innovative engineering, next-generation technology, certified professionals, and a laser focus on quality. 


Service Offerings & Capabilities:

  • Pre-Fabrication of Mainline Valve Assemblies

  • Pig Launchers and Receivers

  • Test-Heads

  • Pipe-Bends

  • Hydrostatic testing